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High Carbon Hand Forged Titan Shark Tooth EDC Knife

  • $ 2800

A real functional size, great for Everyday Carry.

Titan International Knives Carbon Steel Knife has edges on both sides, and the knife is handcrafted to be functional and not just for looks. Utility Knife has over 7 hrs of work into it including forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing. Makes it perfect for carrying!

Overall this blade has got a perfect feel to it, with the Burnt Bone grips. Remarkable workmanship on this knife!

High Carbon hand forged with combinations of 1080 High Carbon. We oil quench and temper to a hardness of 57-59 Rockwell C. Blade edge resistance from the harder steel.

Blade size: 2.5 inch
Overall size: 3.5 inch
Handle material: Burnt Bone

Recommended Knife Maintenance:
Sharpening: Can be performed with any system, recommend the use of oil on 22.5deg fixtures
Surface treatment: Recommend that the knife is not kept in the sheath and in dry environment. In case rust develops, remove with steel wool or 3M

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