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Titan's Custom Throwing Knife Set - Titan Targets

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Introducing the formidable 3-Piece Throwing Knife Set, a perfect fusion of artistry and functionality, meticulously crafted for precision and durability. Each knife in this set is a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of Titan Forged, designed to elevate your throwing game to new heights.
  • 6.4 oz each
  • 3.5 mm thick
  • 1055 Carbon Steel

Handmade with utmost care and precision, these blades boast an exceptional construction, utilizing the finest 1055 Carbon Steel. Renowned for its robustness and resistance to wear, the Carbon Steel ensures that these knives stand the test of time, enduring the rigors of intense throwing sessions with ease.

To enhance both performance and aesthetics, each blade is adorned with a sleek powder coating. Not only does this coating create a visually striking appearance, but it also provides an optimal grip, allowing you to achieve consistent and accurate throws. Moreover, the powder coating serves as a safeguard against oxidization, protecting the knives from rust and maintaining their sharp edge for longer periods.

The set includes three expertly balanced throwing knives, each exuding a sense of rugged elegance. With their expertly honed edges and aerodynamic design, these knives cut through the air with grace and precision, making them perfect for both beginners and seasoned throwing enthusiasts.

To keep your throwing knives safe and ready for action, the set is complemented by a premium leather sheath. This handcrafted sheath not only ensures secure storage but also adds a touch of sophistication to the set, making it a desirable addition to any collection.

Whether you're an avid knife thrower seeking perfection in your technique or an enthusiast looking for an impressive display piece, the 3-Piece Throwing Knife Set with handmade blades by Titan Forged is the ultimate choice. Combining superior materials, expert craftsmanship, and stunning aesthetics, this set promises to be a treasured companion in your pursuit of precision and artistry in the world of knife throwing.

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